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What Is A 4x4 Pickup Truck?

Simply put a 4x4 pickup truck is a 4-wheel drive vehicle with open bed storage, efficient for the loading and unloading of goods. This efficiency is clear in comparison to the boot of a car or enclosed storage of a van. Pickup trucks are designed to carry awkward and bulky items, you can increase storage capacity by simply towing a trailer.

The engine of a pickup truck is built to pull weight and heavy loads, so they have great towing capacity. You will typically see more passenger space than most vans in a pickup truck providing a comforting driving experience akin to the experience of driving a car but with the benefit of having plenty of room in the back. 

What Is A 4x4 Vehicle?

4X4 vehicles are simply automobiles that have all 4 wheels powered by an engine. Most cars are 2-wheel drive, this is where the engine power is sent to the front 2 wheels, (front wheel drive), or back 2 wheels, (rear wheel drive). It is for this reason 4x4 vehicles are also known as 4-wheel drives.

There are advantages that come along with 4x4 vehicles that make them a great choice for specific scenarios. Some of these advantages include better grip and traction, towing, off-road driving, elevated positioning and generally more space and capacity. 

There are also different types of 4x4 vehicles that toggle between 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive. This provides the driver with control and flexibility to switch back and forth. Alongside this some 4x4 vehicles will automatically adjust the wheels that receive the engines power based on the terrain and surface a driver finds themselves upon.

Weight & Dimensions Of Pickup Trucks

If you searched for “how big is a pickup truck?”, or “how long is a pickup truck?”, it does vary depending on the make and model. The average dimensions of a pickup truck are around 19.8 feet long (5969mm), 6.7 feet wide (2032mm) and 6.3 feet tall (1905mm).

At hirefleet our 4x4 for hire dimensions are based on a minimum to ensure you never fall short for space. We offer Ford pickup trucks, Toyota pickup trucks and similar and our dimensions are as follows.

  • Load Length 1487 mm
  • Load Width 1085 mm
  • Payload: 1100 mm

How much can a pickup truck carry? 

The range of 4x4 pickup trucks we offer have an impressive payload of upto 1000kg which lends to a variety of uses for domestic and trade users.

Can I Drive A Pickup Truck On A Car Licence? 

A UK standard driving licence also known as a category B will allow you to drive a 4x4 pickup truck. If you are looking to drive a vehicle over 3,500kg you will need a specific category licence such as a C1 or C licence. 

To confirm exactly what you can and can’t drive on your standard UK driving licence please check out the different driving licence categories. You will notice that the maximum authorised mass, (MAM) differs depending on passing your test before or after the 1st of January 1997.

How Much To Rent A Pickup Truck?

At hirefleet we currently offer the top 4x4 pickup trucks for as little as £96 per day, this is great if you’re looking for budget 4x4 hire. 

How much to hire a 4x4 for a week? 

You can rent a 4x4 pickup truck for as little as £672 for a full week. If you are looking to get a pickup truck for hire, please don’t hesitate to check out our booking system for the exact days you require for an instant quote.

At hirefleet you can specify any extras you may require for your 4x4 hire with towbar. If you require a sack trolley or sat nav just let us know as you select your dates within the booking system. 

We also offer some fantastic Toyota & Ford Ranger lease deals, if you are looking to lease, please contact us directly.


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