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What you need to know about hiring a vehicle from hirefleet

You, the Hirer, must:

Ensure compliance with the terms, conditions and limitations of the insurance policy, which shall be deemed to be included in this agreement as if the same were fully set out herein.

Pay the hiring charges published in our current tariff (which can be inspected at our office), unless different charges have been agreed between us in writing. See rates charged in your Rental Agreement.

Return the Vehicle with an equivalent amount of fuel to that which was in the Vehicle on the date out, as recorded in this Agreement. Failure will require you to reimburse us for any reasonable and proper charges incurred in filling the Vehicle with fuel up to the level recorded in our Rental Agreement (Currently charged at £25 per 1/8th or part thereof).

Pay for any accessories, tyres, tools, or equipment which are lost, stolen or damaged other than that which can be identified as lessor’s negligence or breach of contract.

Pay our reasonable and proper costs where we come to collect the Vehicle at an agreed time and you unreasonably fail or refuse to allow us to collect the Vehicle.

Pay any fines, penalties or court costs incurred in the use of the Vehicle during the Rental Period.

Indemnify the Lessor against any loss incurred by reason of any breach of the Agreement by the Hirer or any other driver.

In so far as you are able to and as soon as possible, safeguard our interests (including the interests of our insurers) in the event of any accident involving the Vehicle by obtaining the names and addresses of all relevant drivers and witnesses, including registration numbers of any other vehicles involved, securing the Vehicle and ,where appropriate, notifying the police.

Ensure that the correct tyre pressures, engine oil level, coolant level and screen wash level are maintained throughout the period of the hire.

Ensure that the Vehicle is always locked when unattended, and take all reasonable steps to prevent loss of or damage to the Vehicle, or its tyres, tools, accessories, equipment or contents.

Inform us at the earliest opportunity if the Vehicle is damaged, lost, stolen or develops any faults or requires servicing and allow us to carry out essential repairs or servicing.

Return the Vehicle (together with all its accessories, tyres, tools and equipment) during our business hours at or before the time and dates referred to in this Agreement. The Vehicle must be returned to our representatives at the place where it was hired, unless a different place is specified in this Agreement. If we have agreed to allow you to return the Vehicle outside of our opening hours, you will stay responsible for the Vehicle and its condition until our staff have checked it.

Return the Vehicle in the same condition as when you hired it (fair wear and tear accepted) and it must be clean and tidy (normal traffic grime accepted). We may need to clean the vehicle before our staff can check its condition. Failure will require you to reimburse us for any reasonable and proper charges incurred in cleaning the Vehicle.

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Your local hirefleet facilities are based in Bawtry, conveniently located on the borders of Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire & Lincolnshire. With just a 3 minute drive to the A1(M) J34 - Blyth Services, you'll be on the road in no time

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